My experience with this law office has been great! When you first walk inside, the first thing you see is a cheerful, efficient, knowledgeable, very professional young woman that immediately puts you at ease. Good people always equal good vibes. As a client for several years, I appreciate the extra effort given to me to let me know I am in great hands that I know I can trust. I am so grateful for all the knowledge, direction, compassion and understanding that I've experienced that you have to search hard for to find. It's a tremendous relief to feel all the weight on your shoulders just disappear. Because of this dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced and highly efficient team, I would recommend anyone to put there trust in Mr Evan's team. I especially appreciate the glue that holds this office together, and that team captain's name is Teresa. Good energy and positivity always spreads when shared. Thank you for sharing Teresa. You make a difference.

Ronda S.